Flight Simulation Project
Generic Cockpit
Phase Two

Based on the experiences made with phase one, the generic cockpit is enhanced to fly it together with friends.
This page contains a pictural guide of the progress.

March 2020
Heli cockpit still not built.
But RealSimGear G1000 displays added to G1000 cockpit.

21. February 2018
Now also the files for ordering the panels are done.
the panels will be done in wood (MDF) with 12mm thickness
With this it is compatible with the other simulator parts for the planes (modular concept).
But before ordering the parts, I have to find a better room concept to build up the simulator.
My goal is to have two simulators in parallel, connected together by network.

26. January 2018
Construction done!
Unfortunatelly it took me quite a while to construct the heli sim.
Not due to complication in the construction, more due to less time for the hobby.
The whole sim is based on a EC-120 layout, but done with standard components
and hence not fully scale.
For me this is not a problem, as I still get all functions available.

  • EC-120 cyclic stick from microhelis.de
  • EC-120 collective stick from microhelis.de
  • EC-120 pedals from microhelis.de
  • Panel
  • 1x 12" touch monitor for instrumentation
  • 2x 8" touch monitor for instrumentation
  • Center Console
  • optional 1x 8" touch monitor for instrumentation
  • up to 4 large or 8 small goflight panels
  • Seating
  • Playseat Evolution Alcantara with seat slider
  • 2016
    Starting a new simulator for helicopter based on
    cyclic stick, collective stick and pedals from microhelis.de
    The idea for the cockpit panel is using touch panels and
    logitech/saitek and goflight panel elements.

    A generic airliner cockpit panel is added to the modular system.

    Panel configuration:
    Autopilot Panel
  • GoFlight GF-MCP
  • 2x GoFlight GF-RP48
  • Center Panel
  • Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant
  • Logitech Trackman Marble
  • GoFlight GF-LGT
  • GoFlight GF-RP48
  • 2x GoFlight GF-166
  • 2x GoFlight GF-P8
  • 2012
    Another cockpit panel is made solely with Saitek instruments.

    December 2010
    A second seat, rudder and sidestick are added to the cockpit.
    Now it can be flown together with friends as copilot.

    January 2010
    A new flight panel was tested at my simulator.
    It consists of Saitek panels and two touch monitors to display G1000 panels.

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